Shane Siwik for Mayor of South Salt Lake

What I Support

  • Focus on crime. With crime up almost 19% since 2011 according to BCI, this is my most important issue. And yes, crime is up...not down, as you are being told.
  • Have the police participating more with community members and require that they be out of their vehicles and mingling in the neighborhoods getting to know the citizens; as well, create several new neighborhood watch programs throughout the city.
  • Record my worked hours on line so you can see what I do and how many hours I put in. I will commit to put in on average of 50 hours a week as mayor with 2 weeks off for vacation.
  • Work with the city council to fund the largest street lighting project in the city's history lighting up many of our dark streets
  • Request from the council funding for a greenhouse to be built in Fitts Park to grow our own flowers and beautify our city. As well, this would be used for job training for youth and others.
  • Bring about opportunities for residents to build home based businesses without overbearing government red tape and provide these start ups with workshops and networking.
  • Create a Code Compliance department that is more concerned in helping find solutions to problems by finding ways of working with citizens instead of against them. I would personally visit every location prior to a citation being written to see if a solution could be found.
  • Find solutions for the nuisance skunk and raccoon problem that many residents are facing.
  • Work for a way to bring back the 4th of July firework display, even if it is a smaller version than we used to have. I believe we are now the only community that does not have one.
  • Bring back a curbside spring clean up that does not require cutting, boxing, bagging, bundling or lifting heavy objects into a dumpster.
  • Return to a working form of the community councils or neighborhood groups.
  • Make sure the city has a more effective outreach program so citizens are made aware of activities and programs that are available to everybody.
  • Progress to finish any curb, gutter and sidewalks in areas where the residents are asking for it.
  • Make sure we are proactive in the homeless issue coming to the city. This may involve working with the homeless to help them with jobs and training and insisting they become self reliant. It will also include making sure we have safeguards in place to insure the Jordan River and all areas are safe and free from drug activities.
  • Do all I can to build a sense of community. We were once called the “Community of Neighbors”. Now we are “The City on the Move”. Personally, I would rather be a “Community of Neighbors”

What I Oppose

  • I WILL NOT Use eminent domain/ condemnation of private property to benefit a private business.
  • I WILL NOT Use police powers primarily as a means of generating money for the city.
  • I WILL NOT Have a regular assigned city vehicle for my personal use.
  • I WILL NOT Hire my family members.
  • I WILL NOT Encourage city council meetings away from city hall.
  • I WILL NOT Have business transactions between my business and the city.
  • I WILL NOT Waste resources with high paying “contract employees” and companies that charge high hourly rates for work that could easily be done in house.
  • I WILL NOT Find excuses for my own shortcomings and mistakes. There are many things I have done in life which I regret. I own those actions and understand that. If I error as mayor, I will not find others to blame.
  • I WILL NOT Tolerate employees who are unwilling to serve the citizens of this community.
  • I WILL NOT Be afraid of standing up for what is best for South Salt Lake, even if it means fighting against other government agencies.
  • I WILL NOT Compromise the individual rights afforded us through the Constitution of the United States and State of Utah.
  • I WILL NOT Delay requests for reasonable records that are requested by the public
  • I WILL NOT Be above doing the real work of the city myself when needed. This would include working in public works plowing the roads if they were behind, helping with spring and fall clean up, walking the city handing out fliers promoting an event, cleaning up at city events and so on.
  • I WILL NOT Find myself lost in meetings, making it impossible to meet with people.
  • I WILL NOT Avoid returning your phone calls, even if you are calling with a complaint. My staff will know that your calls are important.
  • I WILL NOT Allow exclusion of members of our community due to their lifestyles, nationality, race or other status. With so many different people, our community is rich in diversity. We need to make sure everybody is involved and given opportunity to be part of the community.
  • I WILL NOT Allow government to erode our freedoms. I am a political independent and believe government is first for service to the people. Police powers, government regulations, codes and ordinances all are for the protection of each other. But I WILL NOT allow them to cross the line of jeopardizing our rights.

Vision for the City

I have always felt government needs to be simple: stay focused on Service, not Bureaucracy. This will be my focus as mayor, and a daily practice for my administration.

  • Reduce Crime
  • Increase Street Lighting
  • Better Sense of Community
  • More Citizen Involvement
  • Approachable Government
  • Transparency
  • Employees Showing Respect to All Citizens
  • Less Intrusive Government

About Me

Shane Siwik

I would like to introduce myself to you. I have been on the So SL City Council for over 11 years and have been a voice for the working person in this city and for a simple approach to government. I am often the one who has stirred the pot over the years, and have the scars to prove it.

The quote above has always been one of my favorites. Too often, I believe government finds ways to justify itself for going beyond its bounds. Although it takes a variety of services to strengthen a community and take care of it's citizens, too often it finds itself in gray areas. This is why my information is simple and my fliers and signs are Black and White.

I have lived in So SL for over 40 years and have raised 6 children here, am a small local business owner, politically independent, concerned over building community and am one who, like so many others in our community, knows the financial realities of living week to week.

Perhaps these honest disclosures may not be the most professional introduction for somebody running for mayor. But like many in this city facing the same challenges, I understand how hard it is to stay ahead of the bills.

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